Beer Buzz: Superflux gets everything right with the wonderfully complex Coconuts

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      As a valuable public service, we taste the latest in Lower Mainland beers and then give you a highly opinionated, pocket-sized review.

      On Tap: Coconuts, a hazy dry-hopped IPA from Superflux.

      Their Words: “This is a full-blown, legit Superflux IPA (contains the usual heavy hand of dry hopping that we became low-key-beer-nerd famous for) and then we add a massive amount of toasted coconut (less famous for this). The result is something 10 percent of you will hate but the rest will thank us for this delicious treat."

      Taste Test: As promised, heavy-handed is indeed a fitting description for the hoppiness of this IPA, which packs a soft seven-percent ABV punch. That’s another way of saying that, if Mexican lager is about all you can handle for post-game beers at the East Van baseball diamond, then you’re part of the 10 percent hater's club.

      Unfortunately, being a hater means that it totally sucks to be you. Because holy sheep shit this is one incredible beer. Here’s the funny thing about most coconut beers: almost no one gets it right. And things don't stop there. Ever been to Hawaii? Everything from suntan lotion to cigarellos are made with coconut, but it's often hard to tell. If you’re going to make something out of the only living species of the genus Cocos, why would you go the safe route?

      What’s amazing here is the coconut undertow, which manages to be right up front yet somehow subtle. Think delicate, floral, and lingering with each sip. Which is dangerous because the second you’ve had one sip, you immediately want the flavour hit of another.

      Deep Thoughts: Can we talk design and aesthetics for a second? Quite rightly, Superflux has built a cult following for the art on its cans. (Speaking of beautiful, check out the enterprise’s newly launched, white-light-white-heat space on Clark, which is now open for takeout—with not only beer but also gourmet hotdogs.)

      Anyhow, Superflux's cans are typically works of art, with Double Infinity every bit as retro-cool as Evil Knievel's circa-'70s jumpsuits, and Backcountry Boombox Superflux Twin Sales making the most out of bold type and stark-white/coffin-black backgrounds. The Coconuts can features, um, a coconut image, but the young, fresh, and green found-on-a-Thailand beach kind rather than the classic Donny and Marie Goin' Coconuts variety. Yes, some folks can't help doing everything better than others.