Beer Buzz: Whether you're talking Provence or Chilliwack, Moody Ales Lavender Sour will take you places

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      As a valuable public service, we taste the latest in Lower Mainland beers and then give you a highly opinionated, pocket-sized review.

      On Tap

      Moody Ales Lavender Sour

      Their Words

      “Nicely tart with a big lavender aroma and light lavender spiciness in the finish. Drinks like a lavender lemonade and soothes like aromatherapy.”

      Taste Test

      As much as COVID-19 has got me, you, and everyone we know conditioned to talking to no one but the voices in our heads, sometimes it pays to listen to the words of one’s fellow beer aficionados—even when they happen to be complete strangers. Picture this: you’re in the Commercial Drive liquor store, desperately looking for a six-pack of Samuel Adams American Kriek, even though no such thing exists on these shores. And then someone who looks like they love, in no particular order, Bikini Kill, Pussy Riot, and the completely brilliant Miranda July sees you eyeing Moody Ale’s Lavender Sour and advises “You need to buy that!”

      So you do. And holy sweet baby Vincent Van Gogh it’s almost great enough to take the sting out of the fact that spring time in Paris isn’t happening this year. Because late spring in Paris is always preceded by a week in Provence, where there are few things more majestic than the lavender fields of Luberon, Valensole Plateau, and Sault Plateau. Vaguely related, you know how some beers will promise North East India ghost chili peppers or Sein Ta Lone mangos or Belgian banana bread? And then taste like none of those things? Moody delivers exactly what it promises with this Gruit-style ale, which pops big-time with lemon-bomb citrus on the sour side of the ledger, and beautifully fragrant lavender on the herbal end.

      Deep Thoughts

      There’s no point pretending otherwise—for many of us the appeal of craft brewing is that someone went the extra distance during the creative process. There’s showing up for work because you have to, and there's showing up for work fully loving what you (and others committed to the artisanal process) do. Bonus points if your business attire includes a handlebar moustache and Strokes hoodie.

      How does that factor in here?

      You’re getting a beer where hand-screened lavender flowers from Windward Lavender Farm in Chilliwack are an integral part of the brewing process. Ask yourself this: after months and months and mind-numbing months of COVID-19 lockdown, wouldn’t you love to spend an afternoon soaking up the sun in a place at least a couple of degrees removed from the big city? Because Luberon, Valensole Plateau, and Sault Plateau are out of the running right now, Windward Lavender Farm sounds pretty good. Let Moody Ales take you there with this transporting gem.