Beloved nerd bar Storm Crow teases new Gastown pivot

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      The pandemic had many casualties across Vancouver, not least of which was both locations of delightfully geeky board games bar Storm Crow. The Tavern on Commercial Drive shuttered in 2020, followed by the Broadway Alehouse outpost shutting down in early 2022. 

      But the company’s social media presence revitalized this week, posting a message suggesting there’s something in the works at a new location on the corner of West Cordova and Abbott. 

      “Like a phoenix, the Storm Crow rises again… into something strange and new, that’s much more than what it seems,” reads the message on the social media platform formally known as Twitter. 

      But rather than nerdy cocktails, collectable build-a-burger alignment cards, and the chance to win a shot glass if you roll a Nat 20, the venture seems to be going in a different direction: Pet Psychic. 

      The business’s accompanying website lists a litany of ways to supposedly connect to your favourite furry friend, from psychic readings and aura cleansing to crystal healing and past life regression. 

      “Are you actually a front for an occult speakeasy bar?” reads one of the site’s FAQs, with the answer, “No, of course not! Our location was formerly occupied by several cats including the Revel Room which is presumably the source of this mistaken rumour. It would be a real eye-opener if this was true!” 

      Given the amount of eye references on the site, plus the logo’s animated peepers, there are no doubt some ocular shenanigans going on here. 

      While the original bar is named after a famous card from Magic: The Gathering, this writer couldn’t immediately clock any card game or board games references in the text. (If you want to “um, actually” us, get in touch at

      A different Twitter message indicates the new venue will be opening at the end of the month, so you can see for yourself what this very normal pet psychic service will be offering. Time to discover what Simba was up to in one of his former nine lives.