Canada’s restaurant and hospitality industry: Top trends to look out for in 2022

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      We all know how the pandemic impacted the lives of many people and how it changed the dynamics of everything. It’s affected several industries, especially the hospitality business in Canada. There will be more changes to come in 2022, as Restaurants Canada and RC Show have come together to look for solutions that will help revive the industry in our country.

      The two organizations have created a list of activities that will help improve the dining experience in 2022.

      RC Show is working to reconnect restaurants with hospitality industry and prepare businesses for the industry's revival through a dynamic in-person and virtual broadcast event. The event will run for three days, where top brands and suppliers will work together to find solutions to some pressing issues facing the sector.

      Here are a few things one can expect from the RC Show and 2022 dining experience. Additionally, you can use to find the restaurants in your city.

      Food and beverage trends

      Last year, we saw a bit of change as food and beverages were centered on comfort cuisines, touchless ordering and advancements in technology that brings the dining experience to your doorstep. We also witnessed a push for healthy living at personal and environmental levels. These are innovations that we should continue to look out for.

      Sober spirits

      We all miss socializing, which is why companies like Gruvi and Seedlip are looking for ways to create exceptional social experiences by creating new non-alcoholic refreshments.

      These new approaches provide perfect alternatives for people looking to stay social without consuming alcohol.

      Adaptogenic food and beverage

      The pandemic taught us to seriously. It’s really made us see the importance of focusing on our mental and physical health.

      In 2022, we’re going to buy more foods, beverages, and products that are high-quality and organic. We will look for foods that don't only focus on physical wellbeing but also the mental aspect.

      Beverage brands are stepping up their game by introducing adaptogenic drinks to the market. These beverages contain ingredients that help the body destress.

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      Specialty DTC grocery goods

      It was easy for some brands to navigate the lockdown while others had a more challenging time. Select companies quickly innovated their products and overall business model.

      Many also had to adapt their dine-in experiences and find a way to bring their products directly to consumers' doorsteps.

      Canadian company Giraffe Food has found ways to bring restaurant products directly to diners by helping brands break into the retail space.

      Restaurant beverage kits and subscriptions

      It’s going to take a while for people to become comfortable with sitting in public places again. Brands like Ascari Group have found solutions to address this issue. The Ascari Group offers custom kits filled with housemade fare, curated luxury food products, premium spirits, and beverage mixes.

      Beverage expert and renowned bartender Evelyn Chick introduced the Love of Cocktails (LOC) platform, a destination where cocktail lovers can enjoy virtual cocktail-making sessions and order customized cocktail kits from home.

      Meal upcycling

      Upcycling is an important movement to reduce food waste. Many brands are working directly with consumers to reduce food waste while others try to rework ingredients, going to waste, to create new meals.

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