Cannabis Guide: Five cannabis-infused edibles that pass the taste test

We’ve hit up higher-ups in Canada's cannabis industry for their street-level advice on the best edibles on the market

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      To mark the occasion of the second anniversary of legalization in Canada, we’ve searched high (and low) and picked the brains of some notables in the industry to offer up street-level advice on their fave—and greenest—producers of strains, edibles, and beverages.

      Here are their picks for edibles.

      Legend milk and dark chocolate by Indiva

      This London, Ontario-based LP saw the light quicker than most (see also Bhang milk chocolate below) and turned its attention to edibles from almost the get-go. The move has paid off in a big way.

      The company announced a deal this week to distribute its edibles through Shoppers. It helps to have one of the best master growers in the bud business—and a commitment to local.

      Indiva’s Legend brand of milk chocolate edibles is homegrown—part of a partnership with fourth-generation master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut out of Calgary—and made with fair trade and organic ingredients. Word on the street is that two new flavours are launching for Halloween—orange dark chocolate and raspberry milk. Can candy cane in time for the holidaze be far behind?

      Chowie Wowie milk chocolate by High Park Farms

      Brought to you by the folks who think edibles should be fun, it’s definitely tailored to younger consumers who like the no muss, no fuss grab-and-go cannabis experience. The packaging advises consumers “not to try and think of capybaras when consuming, but to watch clouds. It’s all about balance.” Indeed. 

      Dark chocolate truffles by Edison Bytes (Organigram)

      This New Brunswick-based LP has made disrupting the industry—and not always in a good way—its brand. It’s still embroiled in a class action from 2016 alleging a batch of cannabis tainted with pesticides got people sick. But it seems to have turned over a new leaf, signing a deal with Israel’s largest medpot supplier and putting its knowledge of cannabis oils and extracts into big investments in its edibles production line. These dark truffles fit nicely to melt in your mouth. Also, perfect for staying in and watching a movie, our friends tell us.

      Bhang milk chocolate by Indiva

      These sweets dedicated “to making the fairly enjoyable ridiculously fun,” are made with 48 percent cocoa to deliver “cannabis-free taste.” At less than $5 a pop, they also deliver bang for the buck.

      They come in 10-milligram hits of CBD or THC, depending on what you’re fixing to accomplish. If it’s relaxation you’re looking for, then it’s the former you want. If you want to get a little high before setting off for la-la-land, then it’s the latter. 

      Soft chews and mints by Aurora Drift

      The knock against edibles is that the federally mandated 10 milligram maximum per dose is not enough of a hit—depending on your weight and tolerance level.

      Aurora has turned that equation on its head with these 2.5-milligram doses. The idea is not to get too stoned. It’s to drift….

      This article originally appeared on the NOW Toronto website. You can follow Enzo DiMatteo on Twitter at @enzodimatteo.