Cheap Eats: The Samosa House delivers a bang for a buck

It's like a McDonald's of samosas—a fast-food takeout joint

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      Never in my life have I stood in line for samosas. Until yesterday.

      That's when I took my first trip to Surrey in a very long time (thanks to the pandemic). I decided to drop  by The Samosa House (#109–12837 88th Avenue, Surrey) because it's been generating a buzz online with its tasty and affordable snacks.

      It's like a McDonald's of samosas—a fast-food takeout joint with eight samosas on the menu.

      The prices are far lower than what you would pay in the grocery stores or your local Blenz. You can get two or more of the Classic Samosas (with potatoes, onions, and peas, along with tamarind chutney) for $0.99 each. Buy six or more and the price falls to $0.89.

      Ramp it up to the Spicy Samosa and the price rises modestly to $1.09 for two or more, and $0.99 for six or more. This version includes The Samosa House's "signature sauces", according to the menu.

      They were scrumptuous. These samosas come with a thin filo pastry, which is not nearly as common as the thicker versions. By doing it this way—which is common in Gujarat—it's all about the filling, not the crust.

      Samosa House

      The potato, onions, and peas were complemented with a little tang of red chili. These samosas certainly weren't too sizzling for those who like it hot.

      I decided to check out another flavour, so I picked Garden Mix Samosa because of its veggie content—carrots, peas, and onions. Again, it was mouthwatering.

      The Samosa House has a reasonably spacious waiting room if you haven't ordered in advance. And it's ideal for vegans looking for something new.

      There's a waiting room inside The Samosa House for those who don't order in advance.

      Seriously, what do you get in Vancouver for a buck or $1.50? Nothing like this. Two of these samosas are enough to fill you up.

      But even the meat eaters won't be disappointed. That's because The Samosa House also has a slightly pricier Butter Chicken and BBQ Chicken Samosa on the menu. They will set you back $2.09 for two or more, and $1.89 for six or more, including the sauce.

      Once COVID restrictions ease and it becomes legal to hold dinner parties again, keep The Samosa House in mind if you're seeking a tasty snack to throw into the mix.