Chef’s picks: Doug Stephen, co-owner of The DownLow Chicken Shack

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      We asked some of our favourite chefs and restaurateurs in the city where they go on their days off.

      What’s your Vancouver restaurant go-to? A place you never get sick of—one that always delivers.

      Elephant in Vancouver with Caffe La Tana a very close second—always fantastic food and service from both spaces!

      What’s one restaurant in Vancouver that you think deserves more love? An unsung hero, if you will.

      Elephant. Honestly, Justin is doing some of the best cooking in the city and just because it’s not “boujee” ingredients, I’d say it’s deserving of more recognition.  

      What’s one Vancouver restaurant you love taking out-of-towners to impress them?

      Published on Main. Chef Gus and his team are making some incredible food driven by local ingredients and framed by some great beverages from Dylan, Jayton, and the team. Such a great representation of the best of BC.

      The sandos from DownLow Chicken.
      Rich Won

      What’s your favourite Vancouver place to get a great drink?

      Being someone who doesn’t drink has made me much more focused on spaces that have a great zero-proof selection. From that perspective, I’m super down with Pizza Coming Soon and Pepino’s for always having non-alcoholic versions of their regular cocktails.

      In your opinion, who’s up and coming in the Vancouver restaurant scene? This could be a bartender, a chef, a restaurateur, or a restaurant itself.

      Peter Ho of the soon-to-open Sumibiyaki Arashi, known within the industry as being an absolute slayer—especially with Yakitori. In my opinion it’s gonna be one of the best openings this year…super duper excited.

      What’s Vancouver’s food scene missing?

      This is such a loaded question. I think if you look hard enough you can find almost anything…but for me, I’d love to see more sober and sober-friendly spaces.