Chef’s picks: Hector Laguna, executive chef at Botanist

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      We asked some of our favourite chefs and restaurateurs in the city where they go on their days off.

      What’s your Vancouver restaurant go-to? A place you never get sick of—one that always delivers.

      Thai Basil.

      What’s one restaurant in Vancouver that you think deserves more love? An unsung hero, if you will. 


      What’s one Vancouver restaurant you love taking out-of-towners to impress them?


      The grilled octopus from Botanist.

      What’s your favourite Vancouver place to get a great drink?

      Grapes and Soda.

      In your opinion, who’s up and coming in the Vancouver restaurant scene? This could be a bartender, a chef, a restaurateur, or a restaurant itself.

      Jayden Kresnyak, recently promoted to chef de cuisine at Botanist.

      What’s Vancouver’s food scene missing?

      A very good high-end Mexican restaurant.