Chef’s picks: Vincent Nguyen, chef and co-owner at Anh and Chi

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      We asked some of our favourite chefs and restaurateurs in the city where they go on their days off.

      What’s your Vancouver restaurant go-to? A place you never get sick of—one that always delivers.

      Kissa Tanto, just down the street from us—anytime of the evening, sweet or savoury, their team goes above and beyond.

      What’s one restaurant in Vancouver that you think deserves more love? An unsung hero, if you will.

      Chinatown BBQ. It’s already well loved, but I really appreciate how approachable the shop is for all guests. The neighbourhood gem serves not only to preserve a traditional method of preparing delicious meats, but also a connecting piece of the revitalization of Chinatown (by Carol Lee).

      What’s one Vancouver restaurant you love taking out-of-towners to impress them?

      Anh and Chi, only upon request. I love that I can (and do) make heaps of suggestions when it comes to dining in Vancouver—Chinese, Italian, Japanese, to name a few—our city does food well! Somehow, these out-of-towners end up snagging seats at Anh and Chi, and they go home to tell more friends.

      A mouth-watering platter from Anh and Chi.
      Leila Kwok

      What’s your favourite Vancouver place to get a great drink?

      Keefer Bar—OGs in our city, always consistent and strong to taste.

      In your opinion, who’s up and coming in the Vancouver restaurant scene? This could be a bartender, a chef, a restaurateur, or a restaurant itself.

      Dear Gus. It’s cute, it’s quaint, it’s in one of the best neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Chef Jorge Tuan’s flavours are spot on; he really turned a small space into something incredible.

      What’s Vancouver’s food scene missing?

      I would like to see more representation around the globe here; more mom-and-pop shops, from Indigenous peoples to new settlers, all who can share traditional cooking techniques and new flavour profiles. Must-have cocktails. Vancouver could use a little innovation and courage to play outside of the box with food and cocktails, including mocktails.