Chickadee takes flight at Juke with a cocktail program that's tailored to our indisputedly strange times

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      When we look back at this most unusual and life-altering of springs, what we’ll remember is having to do things a little differently. COVID-19 has changed the way we eat, drink, and socialize. And because of that, flexibility is important.

      That’s not lost on the team behind Juke, the Chinatown joint responsible for what’s among the best friend chicken this side of Wille Mae’s Scotch House. Yes, we're well aware Willie Mae's is in New Orleans. And yes, Juke's is that amazing.

      With dining out in Vancouver all about social distancing, Juke has taken steps to adapt. The space has been split down the middle with a temporary wall. Takeout is doing business on one side, with a cocktail venture christened Chickadee on the other.

      “We’ve been working on this concept for a while, and the recent reimagining of dining rooms throughout the industry gave us the perfect opportunity to fine-tune and launch Chickadee,” Juke co-owner Justin Tisdall said in announcing the venture. “We’re excited to give people a taste of a new handcrafted, customized cocktail experience with their health, safety and social distancing concerns front of mind at all times.”

      Overseen by veteran Vancouver bar-star Sabrine Dhaliwal, Chickadee is billing itself as a contact-free, "choose-your-own-cocktail" experience. Patrons can pre-order and/or customize drinks through the Juke website or app, or via There’s also a dealer’s choice where a cocktail is created after you provide an idea what you’re after (stirred, shaken, bitter, sour, or smoky).

      Seating is limited, with movable partitions set up to separate patrons and employees, and personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, and face shields) on the staff is part of the night out.

      Here’s a taste of the cocktail list. And yes, you can also order Juke’s insanely delicious fried chicken with your Chickadee drinks.

      Shaken Cocktails

      Beefeater gin, black lime, black sesame, lime juice, egg white

      Golden Sunset
      Flor de Caña 5yr rum, turmeric coconut cream, pineapple juice,
      lime juice

      Stirred-Down Cocktails

      Before the Storm
      Amaro Averna, Amontillado sherry, Beefeater gin, Malagasy Chocolate bitters

      Wild Turkey bourbon, green Chartreuse, charred pineapple, galangal, lime bitters, Ardbeg rinse

      Chickadee's Golden Sunset.