Chickadee's April edition of Cocktails With a Cause turns its attention to a country that needs the world's help

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      The Chickadee Room in Juke has announced the second edition of its Cocktails With a Cause program, with this month’s proceeds helping humanitarian efforts in one of the world’s most embattled countries.

      If there’s one place on the planet that could really use everyone’s support right now it’s Ukraine. As the Russian invasion stretches on, getting bloodier with each passing day, Red Cross Canada has been there supporting Ukraine’s Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

      The Chickadee Room has in turn decided to support Red Cross Canada with this month’s Cocktails With a Cause. None of the drinks created for the program use Russian vodka.

      The Chinatown bar—located next to Juke Fried Chicken—has come up with three specialty drinks for April, each named after a Ukrainian landmark.

      Inspired by Europe’s oldest and largest UNESCO biosphere, the Askania-Nova combines Campari and Grand Marnier with orange and lemon juice.

      Paying tribute to what’s considered the formal entrance to Odessa from the sea, Potemkin Stairs mixes Aperol with jasmine green tea, apricot, lemon, prosecco, and orange bitters.

      Lubart’s Castle is not only Lutsk’s most famous landmark, but it’s also found on Ukraine’s 200 hryvnia bill. Chickadee’s Lubart’s Castle brings together Wild Turkey 101, Cynar, Aperol, Cassis, and Pychaud’s and cocoa bitters.

      A dollar from each of those drinks sold will go towards Red Cross Canada to help out a country that continues to be an inspiration to the world.