Cocktail recipe: Rebel Sour, using vodka made with B.C. apples by Kelowna's Forbidden Spirits

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      Based in East Kelowna, Forbidden Spirits is a new addition to the B.C. craft distillery scene that offers premium spirits made from B.C. apples.

      Their Rebel Vodka is handcrafted one batch at a time—first distilled using a 25-plate artisan copper still, then cold-filtered, leaving a hint of an apple note.  

      Here’s their recipe for a cocktail made with Rebel Vodka.

      Forbidden Spirits

      Rebel Sour


      1 ½ oz Rebel Vodka
      1 ½ oz Forbidden Syrups Lavender Lime simple syrup  
      cocktail foaming drops 
      cocktail bitters of choice  
      lavender sprig 


      Add 1 ½ oz Rebel Vodka, 1 ½  oz lavender lime syrup, and 4 to 6 drops of cocktail foamer to a cocktail shaker.
      Shake for 30 seconds.
      Add ice and shake again for another 30 seconds.
      Strain into a tumbler, add 3 drops of bitters of your choice on top of the foam, and swirl with a toothpick.
      Garnish with a freshly picked lavender sprig.