Cocktail recipe: Straight and Marrow's Rise of the Phoenix includes lapsang souchong, passion fruit, and more

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      Straight and Marrow bar manager Chad Rivard is sharing his cocktail recipe for what he calls his “summer banger”.

      After being temporarily closed due to pandemic restrictions since March 29, the restaurant and bar in Vancouver’s East Village reopened on July 1 to full capacity.

      “This complex twist on a Pisco Sour was created as a return-to-service summer sipper,” Rivard explains. “As our restaurant rose from the ashes [from] being shut down, this cocktail came to be.” 

      Rise of the Phoenix


      1.5 oz (Smokey) lapsang souchong tea-infused pisco*
      0.5 oz oloroso sherry
      0.5 oz fresh lemon
      0.5 oz sunflower seed orgeat*
      0.25 oz passion fruit syrup*
      1 egg white, charred*

      *how to make these items is listed below


      To make the lapsang pisco: combine 1 tsp lapsang souchong tea per 1 bottle (750ml) pisco.
      Let sit for four hours, then strain off solids.

      To make the sunflower seed orgeat: combine 250 ml sunflower seeds, 500 ml sugar, and 500 ml water, and blend well.
      Strain through a coffee filter.
      Add 1 oz Brandy and 5 drops orange blossom water.

      To make the passion fruit syrup: combine equal parts passion fruit purée and simple (1:1) syrup.

      To make the charred egg white: sprinkle sugar onto the cocktail and brûlée with a butane torch.

      Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker.
      Shake without ice, then shake again with ice.
      Double strain into a chilled cocktail coupe.