Coun. Michael Wiebe's restaurant among 14 eateries, bars, and breweries that obtained temporary patio permits

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      When the City of Vancouver announced yesterday that it had approved more than a dozen applications for temporary patios, it prompted an obvious question.

      Which establishments were approved?

      This morning, the city provided the Straight with a list.

      And one of those businesses belongs to Green councillor Michael Wiebe.

      On his financial disclosure statement and on his Linkedin profile, Wiebe lists himself as the owner/operator of Eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge (151 East 8th Avenue). It won approval for its application for a free temporary patio permit from June 1 to October 31.

      These permits allow business owners to use on-street parking space or sidewalks in front or beside their establishments.

      According to the May 13 city council minutes, Wiebe did not absent himself from discussions or voting on a motion to "approve in principle the prioritization of additional staff and budget resources to support the allocation of flexible, innovated, and expedited patio space".

      In addition, that motion directed staff "to seek out cost recovery opportunities where possible and where reallocation of public space may be for private use".

      On May 27, Wiebe seconded a motion by NPA councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung calling on council to temporarily waive all permit and application fees associated with the temporary expansion of patio spaces.

      The Straight has left a message with Wiebe for comment. He chose to respond over Twitter.

      Under section 145.2 of the Vancouver Charter, a council member must issue a declaration if they consider that they are "not entitled to participate in the discussion of a matter, or to vote on a question in respect of a matter" because of a direct or indirect pecuniary interest.

      If a councillor has a direct or indirect pecuniary interest, the council member must not remain or attend at any part of a meeting in which this matter is under consideration. In addition, a councillor cannot participate in a discussion, vote on the matter, or influence the voting on the matter.

      "A person who contravenes this section is disqualified from holding office as described in section 145.3 (1) [disqualification for contravening conflict rules] unless the contravention was done inadvertently or because of an error in judgment made in good faith," the Vancouver Charter states.

      As of this writing, nobody has suggested that Wiebe has contravened the Vancouver Charter.

      According to the city's June 4 news release, there have been 46 applications for free temporary patios since June 1.

      Three submissions were for patios on private property.

      Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana on Victoria Drive will be able to serve customers on a patio.
      Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana

      Via Tevere among others that were approved

      Here is the list of the 13 other breweries, bars, and restaurants that were approved for expedited patios:

      Soho Bar & Billiards (1283 Hamilton Street)

      The Charlatan (1447 Commercial Drive)

      Breaking Bean Kafe (551 Cardero Street

      R&B Brewing Ale and Pizza House (54 East 4th Avenue)

      Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana (1190 Victoria Drive)

      Electric Bicycle Brewing (20 East 4th Avenue)

      Street Kitchen (1950 Triumph Street)

      OEB Breakfast Co. (1137 Marinaside Crescent)

      Lucky Taco (1685 Yew Street)

      Pizzeria Bufala (5395 West Boulevard)

      The Union Kitchen and Bar (219 Union Street)