COVID-19: No yeast? No problem. Here's how to make your own

Boston biologist Sudeep Agarwala shares a DIY method via Twitter for all your home-baking needs

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      If, on your quest to make a perfect loaf of crusty French bread, you’ve found yourself unable to source any yeast (because everyone else has developed the same new baking addiction), you’ll be glad to know that you can make your own.

      Boston biologist Sudeep Agarwala’s Twitter feed went viral after he shared a nine-step seemingly easy how-to.

      "Friends, I learned last night over Zoom drinks that ya'll're baking so much that there's a shortage of yeast?! I, your local frumpy yeast geneticist have come here to tell you this: THERE IS NEVER A SHORTAGE OF YEAST. Here's where I'm a viking. Instructions below," Agarwala Tweeted.

      Agarwala, who’s account program director and biological engineer at Ginkgo Biowork--a company that designs "custom organisms" that replace technology with biology--goes on to explain it all starts with dried fruit. Then come water and flour, and a little TLC.

      Of the mixture in a jar, he explains:

      "And then you wait. You'll want to keep this warm (but not hot). Hug it while you binge Netflix. Cuddle it while you yearn for human touch once again. Or put it on the counter while your dishwasher is running. Do it right and after 12 hours you'll see bubbles. These will grow."

      In response, Agarwala has received thousdands of likes, retweets, and questions, his advice making its way all the way around the globe.

      See his full breakdown on Twitter @shoelaces3.

      And if you haven’t attempted to make a perfect loaf of crusty French bread yet, now there’s no excuse.