Craft vodka produced in North Vancouver makes a glorious addition to any bar cart

Plus, the ultimate bar cart checklist so that your place is the party destination when indoor gatherings are allowed again

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      Hobbies like baking and cross-stitching quickly became extremely popular upon the pandemic’s unwelcomed arrival. But their momentum came to a screeching halt once people discovered that they could make their own DIY bar carts with a .

      A perfectly stocked and aesthetic liquor cart became the object of every cocktail enthusiast’s affection.

      The ultimate entertainer’s bar cart features a cocktail shaker, a jigger, napkins with an artsy print, and plenty of glassware. But most importantly, it should look like an overflowing jungle of colourful liquor bottles. Whisky, tequila, Triple Sec, spiced rum, and vodka, deserve a spot on the cart’s top shelf.

      While there are tons of great vodka options available at your nearby B.C. Liquor Store, the pandemic has taught us all the importance of supporting local businesses.

      When we were sourcing out a bottle of vodka for our favourite day of the week, Caesar Sunday, we hit the jackpot at the Gull Liquor Store (#900-333 Brooksbank Avenue in North Vancouver).

      A bottle of , distilled in North Vancouver, went straight into the shopping basket—if you don’t need a basket at the liquor store, you’re doing it wrong.

      The craft vodka is made with organic corn produced in B.C. and has a smooth taste and long finish. Best of all, the spirit doesn’t cause an aggressive throat burn when taking a sip of it without any mixers. And instead of experiencing the mouth-numbing aftertaste that you get when drinking cheap Alberta Pure, Bamba Vodka has a subtle taste of sweet corn and vanilla. 

      Bamba Vodka was created with one goal in mind: changing people’s perception of vodka by producing a spirit made with natural and high-quality ingredients.

      Bamba Vodka

      "Anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm a big geek when it comes to wine and spirits,” says founder Brandon McKeachie. “I always love hearing the inspiration behind different styles and brands. So to have the opportunity to tell my own story about a locally sourced and distilled vodka is awesome. Also, being able to do it in my hometown is the cherry on top."

      If you’re ready to embark on your bar-cart journey or need to revamp your home bar, this list of essential items will come in handy.

      • Glassware (highball glasses, short glasses, and coupes);
      • barware (jigger, muddler, corkscrew, cocktail shaker, stir spoon, and a small ice bucket);
      • alcohol (vodka, gin, whisky, vermouth, bitters, tequila, Campari, and Prosecco);
      • mixers for the bottom shelf (sparkling sodas, , and fruit juice);
      • garnishes (a bowl filled with lemons and limes, maraschino cherries, and a jar of olives);
      • and paper straws.