Dreaming of a free trip to Mexico? Bust your best cocktail move and fire up the camera for Tequila Ocho

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      If anything good has come out of this most unusual of years, it’s that you’ve had the chance to seriously fine-tune your cocktail game. That's meant spending the past five months infusing your tequilas with Himsagar mangos and dried chipotles, and hand-crafting prickly pear and cactus-leaf syrups.

      Now's the time to impress someone other than the five friends you’ve had in your dinner-party bubble.

      Mexico’s Tequila Ocho is launching a contest where the winner gets more than bragging rights and a championship belt to rival the WWF’s fabled Smoking Skull.

      The company that bills itself as producing “one of the few tequilas still made slowly in the old fashioned way” is launching a global cocktail competition where anyone with a shaker, ice cubes, and a flair for the dramatic is invited.

      The key word there is “anyone”. That’s right—you don’t have to be Monica Berg, Ryan Chetiyawardana, or the ghost of Harry Craddock to sign up. It will help however to love travelling. And by that, we’re talking a desire to experience a side of Mexico that doesn’t start with getting blotto at Señor Frog’s and end with stuffing your face full of enchiladas at the all-inclusive-resort buffet table.

      The person who comes up with the best cocktail will get a plane ticket Mexico and an invitation to Tequila’s Ocho’s La Alteña distillery, with the important caveat that no one's going anywhere until it’s safe. Translated: When COVID-19 is totally under control and the world isn’t’ gripped by a once-in-a-century pandemic.

      The other thing to keep in mind is that the competition is video-based, which means no scribbling your prized creation on the back of a used cocktail napkin or a Corona beer coaster and then toodling down to the post office.

      The folks at Tequila Ocho are asking bartenders_amateur and otherwise_to think of your drink as a way of whisking imbibers away to magical Mexico. And, even more importantly, connecting the cocktail and its ingredients to the spiritual home of the agave plant.

      Here are the rules, including what the judges will be looking for:

      1. Cocktail Development: Develop your drink, develop your story. Use of Tequila Ocho Plata/Blanco is required

      2. Video Arrangement: Record a video composing the drink. Be sure to provide context for what and why. Fun is encouraged – style points will be given!

      3. Submission: Submit by video only. Should be no shorter than 1 minute, no longer than 3 minutes. Submissions will be accepted from date of announcement thru midnight PST September 18, 2020.

      Submit by posting on Instagram or Facebook and tag @tequilaocho @tequilaochousa @hospitality201

      Eight finalists will be chosen, all of which will present their cocktail and video submissions on an internet-live-stream ‘Ocho Global Finals Show’, to take place on September 28, 2020 (date subject to change). The one (1) winner is announced at the end of the hour-long show.

      Judging Criteria:

      Storytelling & Presentation – 40%: How effectively are you transporting us to Mexico through your presentation and story?

      Creativity & Fun – 35%: You’ve found an innovative way to communicate you story via video media and convey a feeling of fun. After all, if you’re talking about tequila and Mexico and not having fun, you’re missing out.

      Cocktail Recipe – 25%: Does it celebrate Ocho Plata? Does the base spirit shine?