Earth Day 2020: Celebrate with this vegan Vietnamese Spicy Sesame Stir-Fry from Do Chay

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      With Earth Day approaching (April l22) and social distancing the new normal, there’s no time like right now to expand your repertoire of meatless mains as you get more accustomed to home cooking.  

      This dish from Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian’s co-owner Patrick Do is easy-peasy and will even please the most ardent omnivore in your household. If you decide to cheat, you could order it for takeaway along with other wholesome, toothsome, and strictly vegan and vegetarian Vietnamese dishes.

      Do Chay's Spicy Sesame Stir-fry 


      3 shoots of king oyster mushroom
      2 stalks of celery
      4 pieces of butter lettuce or sher-li-hon  (Oriental mustard green)

      For the sauce:

      1/4 cup tahina (sesame paste)
      1/4 cup vegan satay barbecue sauce
      1/4 cup oyster mushroom sauce
      2 Tbsp black vinegar
      1 Tbsp salt
      1 tbsp sugar
      1 tbsp mined garlic
      1 tbsp red onion chopped
      1/4 cup chili flakes
      1 cup oil (canola is fine)


      Make chili oil: combine chili flakes and oil in a pot and cook down until chili permeates the oil.

      Slice king oyster mushrooms into disks approximately 5-mm thick.

      Use a peeler to peel strings off the back of celery and chop celery into bite-sized pieces.

      Chop sher-li-hon or lettuce into similarly sized pieces.

      In a small mixing bowl combine tahina, vegan satay barbecue sauce, oyster mushroom sauce, black vinegar, salt and sugar.

      When chili oil is done, add to mixture to taste.

      In a sauté pan, sweat red onion then add garlic at medium-low heat.

      Add oyster mushroom and celery to pan then turn onto high heat to sear.

      Add desired amount of sauce to pan and mix in with sher-li-hon.

      Serve with rice and enjoy!