Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s Notch8 is only place in BC to taste Scotland’s oldest distillery

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      Scotland’s oldest working distillery has finally expanded into Canada, and the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver has snagged BC’s exclusive bottles for its Notch8 restaurant and bar.

      The Glenturret has been distilling high-end, highly sought-after single malt Scotch whisky in the Highlands since its founding in 1763. Led by whisky maker Bob Dalgarno, The Glenturret is perhaps the best example of quality over quantity; it only produces about 120,000 gallons for the entire global market (by comparison, The Balvenie produces around 1.5 million). Dalgarno’s attention to detail is legendary, with him and only him deciding when (and if) a cask is ready for consumption. Which makes it hard to plan releases, sure, but makes it all the more special to get one, too.

      Aside from the boutique nature that goes “from hand to heart,” as the brand’s slogan says, the other feature setting The Glenturret apart is its approachability. Even whiskies with peat are surprisingly drinkable for those who aren’t normally drawn to the flavour.

      There is the Triple Wood, which undergoes a slow maturation process to result in sweet, caramelly notes with a hint of soft spice and tropical fruit. Dangerously easy drinking.

      Or the 10 Years Old Peat Smoked, which was aged for (you guessed it) 10 years and was (you also guessed it) peat-smoked. Which means it has some gorgeous campfire woodiness, a hint of sea spray on the nose, and that classic whisky trickle—but it doesn’t linger. It’s a warming sensation rather than a burn.

      The 12 Years Old is also available, with some peat smoke on the back palate and a melody of dessert flavours like creamy vanilla, carmelized apples, and spiced fruit cake.

      Finally there’s the 30 Years Old, which has less than 800 bottles in existence and has notes of winter spice, ginger, and oak. Extremely balanced, particularly for its age, this whisky drinks as smooth as a new baby (and will put you to sleep like one).