Five B.C. wines to drink this New Year’s Eve

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      As the worst year ever comes to an end, we’re left wondering what wines (plural) we’ll be leaning on to get us through the final hours.

      Since New Year’s Eve will look different this year—less heart-to-heart conversations with strangers and more sweatpants—it’s perfectly acceptable to stray from the classic Champagne.

      By opting for wines produced in the B.C. VQA, you’ll be supporting local wineries while avoiding that painful bubbly bloat. Consider these five local wines when venturing to the liquor store for the last time in 2020. (Note: B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced today that all liquor sales must end at 8 p.m. on December 31.)

      Tantalus 2018 Pinot Noir

      If you’re looking for a juicy red wine under $30, Kelowna-based  in the Okanagan Valley has you covered. The 2018 Pinot Noir has sweet scents of allspice, cherry, and black plum, with a long finish.

      The Pinot Noir encompasses flavours like earthy mushrooms, dusty cocoa, and ripe berries, ideal for serving with roasted chicken or pasta. The deep red wine is structured with minerality, which gives it a natural taste that reflects the rocky and arid region where it was produced.

      This wine also pairs well with the phrase “Fuck you 2020!” yelled in chorus with your neighbours across the street.

      Evolve 2018 Rosé

      Evolve 2018 Rosé

      You know what they say—a bottle of Rosé wipes all of the horrifying memories from the previous year away. The Evolve 2018 Rosé, from Penticton's Evolve Cellars, will delight your senses with its crisp taste and aromas of watermelon and cherry.

      The refreshing Rosé has a great body—you do too—and a long finish, making it a splendid match for grilled vegetables, fish, or creamy pasta. Evolve 2018 Rosé can be found at local wine stores or for $19.99.

      TIME 2014 Syrah

      This full-bodied Syrah will weasel its way into your wine-loving heart with just one sip. It’s sourced from a vineyard on the Black Sage Bench in Oliver, B.C., and is aged for a whopping 24 months in French oak barrels.

      The Syrah has bold flavours of black current and dark plum with heavenly aromas of ripe blackberries and freshly picked mint. It also boasts hints of ground pepper and cinnamon. For the optimal Time 2014 Syrah experience, pair it with hard cheeses like Gouda or blue cheese, or braised beef.

      A 1.5-litre bottle can be purchased for $95 through the or at local wine stores.

      Narrative XC Method Sparking Wine

      There’s no way we can compile an all-encompassing New Year’s Eve wine list without including a sparkling wine.

      The Narrative XC Method Sparkling Wine is made at the in Summerland, B.C. This sparkling wine, which is a beautiful shade of light pink, is dry with creamy mouth-filling notes.

      The XC in its name stands for 90 in Roman numerals, indicating that the wine spends at least 90 days in special fermentation tanks before bottling.  

      Couple a glass of the Narrative Sparkling Wine with appetizers, raw oysters, or mimosas on New Year’s Day when you need a hair of the dog. A bottle of this Narrative bubbly can be found at Everything Wine or ordered through the for $24.90.

      Road 13 Seventy-Four K 2018

      Those who enjoy red wines with complex flavours and silky tannins are sure to love Road 13’s full-bodied Seventy-Four K.

      Road 13 Winery is located in Oliver, B.C., where grapes are sampled biweekly to ensure that they have the optimal flavours required for each variety of wine produced.

      The Seventy-Four K has a sophisticated taste profile with hints of blueberry pie, black cherry, vanilla, apricot, and baking spices. Every sip of this wine is more intense and delectable than the last.

      Try pairing a bottle of this B.C. VQA wine with dark chocolate, hearty meat dishes, or earthy vegetarian dishes with mushrooms. Road 13 wines can be purchased at your local liquor store for $24 or ordered through the .