Food recalls in B.C. for popcorn, beef sausages and burgers, artichoke dip, black fungus, and more

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      The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued a number of food recalls for products, for a variety of reasons, that have been distributed in British Columbia.

      Two types of food products—popcorn and beef—are being recalled due to the potential presence of hazardous material in these products. So far, there haven’t been any reported injuries from the consumption of these products.

      There are also two updates to previous recalls.

      Anyone who has any of these products should immediately dispose of them or return them to the place of purhcase. 

      Manila clams update

      The CFIA issued an update on September 24 to a recall on Manila clams from B.C. They’re being recalled due to potential biotoxins that can cause Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP).

      While the recall issued on September 22 was for clams that has been distributed in B.C. and Ontario, the recall expanded to include Alberta, and they may have also been distributed nationally.

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency

      Chicken strips update

      In addition, the CFIA has expanded a recall that Loblaw Companies Limited issued on August 31 for PC brand gluten-free chicken strips that contain undeclared gluten or wheat.

      The recalled product, available in 600 gram packages with UPC 0 60383 20488 4 and date code 2021 AL 20, has also been found to have been sold at the following additional locations in B.C.:

      • Pealow's Your Independent Grocer (1501 Cook Street) in Creston;
      • Extra Foods (7000 27th Street) in Grand Forks;
      • Steve's No Frills (1502 Columbia Avenue) in Castlegar.
      Canadian Food Inspection Agency


      The CFIA announced on September 10 that two companies that popcorn products distributed in B.C. are recalling specific items due to the possible presence of broken glass in them.

      Ingredients Plus Distribution is recalling specific Prefered Popcorn brand popcorn products:

      • Preferred Popcorn Organic Butterfly Popcorn (22.68 kilograms) with UPC 7 64256 30002 3 and codes PN122-9367A PKD: 07/27/2020 EXP 07/27/2021;
      • Preferred Popcorn Medium Organic Yellow Popcorn (11.34 kilograms) with no UPC and codes PN122-9366A EXP July 27/2021.

      Meanwhile, Famous Foods also announced a recall for the following organic popcorn products:

      This recall is for:

      • Famous Foods Popcorn Organic (one kilogram) with UPC 0200501 206493 and includes all units sold from August 21 to September 1;

      Famous Foods Popcorn Organic (55 grams) with UPC 0200502 403792 and includes all units sold from August 21 to 31.

      Beef sausages and burgers

      After that, the CFIA announced on September 18 that Kootenay Co-op, based in Nelson, B.C., began recalling beef sausages and burgers due to the potential presence of metal and plastic in them.

      The products include:

      • Garlic and Onion Beef Sausage with UPC numbers starting with 0 208170 and date codes “Packed on SE.09.20 Best Before SE.14.20”;
      • Beef and Wine Sausage with UPC numbers starting with 0 208747 and date codes “Packed on SE.09.20 Best Before SE.14.20”;
      • Blue Goose Cattle Lean Beef Burgers with UPC numbers starting with 0 206177 and date codes “Packed on SE.10.20 Best Before SE.12.20”.
      Canadian Food Inspection Agency

      Artichoke dip

      Also on September 18, Loblaw Companies initiated another food recall—this time for PC Blue Menu brand Artichoke and Asiago Dip because it might contain egg, which is an allergen, that isn't declared on the label. 

      The affected product states "Artichoke & Asiago Dip" on the lid but on the side label states "Tzatziki Yogurt Dip". Sold in a 227 gram container, it has UPC number 0 60383 03697 3 and date code 2020 OC 31.

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency

      Anyone allergic to eggs should not eat this product as it could cause a serious or even life-threatening reaction.

      So far, there haven't been any reactions reported to this product.

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency

      Kikurage (black fungus)

      On September 24, the CFIA stated that Wismettac Asian Foods, which has a local office in Richmond, began recalling Shirakiku brand Black Fungus (Kikurage) due to potential Salmonella contamination.

      The affected product was distributed in B.C., Alberta, and Manitoba, and possibly nationally. It was sold in 2.27 kilogram packages with UPC 0 74410 60403 5 and all date codes up to and including September 24.

      In the U.S., there have been illnesses reported that are associated with the consumption of this product.

      Food contaminated with Salmonella might not appear or smell spoiled but it can still cause illness. Symptoms can include fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

      More information about Salmonellosis (Salmonella) is available at the CFIA website.