Gift Guide: 5 handy items to make life easier in the kitchen

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      One way to ensure that your holiday gifts will be remembered is to purchase something that will last for years. Especially if it's frequently used.

      Here are five such products for use in the kitchen and that are available in Vancouver stores.

      Classic Whistling Kettle

      ($120 to $180 at Le Creuset South Granville)

      Le Creuset’s eye-catching enamelled cast-iron, stainless-steel, and toughened-nonstick cookware makes for an ideal gift for any home chef. But even those who don’t cook will appreciate its Classic Whistling Kettle. The company likes to highlight the kettle’s premium carbon steel and its chip-resistant porcelain enamel. It also emits a sound that resembles a train whistle, making sure you know when the water's boiling. But the best reason to include this on your shopping list is its French design. It provides the perfect over-the-shoulder image for any of your loved ones who do regular Zoom calls from their kitchen.

      Emile Henry Cheese Baker

      ($64.99 at Gourmet Warehouse)

      With this machine, it’s possible to prepare melted cheese toppings on veggie dishes or as spreads on crackers and breads that will impress any dinner guest. Toss in your own garnishes to add flavour, pour the baked results over pasta, and you just might feel like Lidia Bastianich. Better yet, give it to one of Lidia’s fans and savour the results while leaving the cooking to someone else.

      Joyoung Soymilk Maker

      ($95.96 at Forum Home Appliances)

      Nowadays, climate-conscious consumers are avoiding dairy milk in favour of more planet-friendly alternatives. Do you want to impress family members by boiling soybeans to make tasty soy milk within 20 minutes? Then pick up the Joyoung Soymilk Maker and create a drink that, unlike many store-bought products, contains no preservatives.

      Making soy milk at home also makes it easy, really easy, to control how much sugar is included. It’s a great gift for the environmentalist or diet-conscious consumer on your list.

      Panasonic Rice Cooker

      ($559.96 at Forum Home Appliances)

      This highly rated kitchen device not only heats up rice to a squishy-soft nonmushy texture but it also cooks porridge and bakes a cake. The hard-coated diamond inner layers make it less likely to scratch. And the five-layer induction heater, with copper-plated outer layer, means the entire pot becomes a heating element cooking what’s inside. It will certainly impress the rice lover on your list.

      Vitamix 48 oz stainless container for Ascent

      ($259.95 at Cook Culture)

      Stainless steel cookware has two desirable qualities: it’s durable and it’s a breeze to clean. All you need to clean this Vitamix container is soap and water and it will dish up healthy, pulverized smoothies with the best of them. It’s ideal for those hoping to grow some muscles, lose some weight, or just wanting to consume more fruit and vegetables in the midst of a busy lifestyle.