Gift Guide: Handy appliances make kitchen work more fun

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      There’s no shortage of potential gifts for those with a passion for all things culinary. Just drop by a local Gourmet Warehouse, Cook Culture, or Williams Sonoma store and you’ll see aisles upon aisles of products.

      Here are three recommendations.

      Zojirushi Rice Cooker

      It’s amazing that so many people still boil rice on the stove when there are machines that make this task so much easier. The Zojirushi Rice Cooker relies on computerized technology to make the most out of a variety of rices. It always comes out soft and fluffy. There’s also a basket to enable users to steam meats, fish, and veggies. ($249 at Williams Sonoma)

      Breville Smoking Gun Cold Smoker

      There’s perhaps no better way to add smoky flavours like applewood or hickory to food and beverages than with the Breville Smoking Gun. This machine includes a removable burn chamber, making it easy to clean and to load and unload wood chips. There’s also dual-speed control, allowing users to adjust how much smoke they want to emit. What a way to wow some guests—after the recent public-health order banning gatherings is lifted, of course. ($99.99 on sale at Gourmet Warehouse)

      The Breville Citrus Press

      This device enables users to maximize the amount of fresh juice squeezed from citrus fruits of any size. All a person needs to do is pull down the handle and let the quiet motor do its work. No sticky fingers. And no juice left on the counter. Hallelujah for that. ($199 at Cook Culture)