Here's how to make Papaya Salad: House Special chef Yen Do shares her recipe for the popular Vietnamese dish

The family-run Vancouver restaurant puts a contemporary spin on authentic Vietnamese fare

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      Yaletown’s House Special puts a fresh, progressive spin on Vietnamese street food, its modern menu featuring multiple plant-based options.

      The family behind it has a long history in Vancouver's restaurant industry, being the same team from Green Lemongrass and Broken Rice.

      At House Special, siblings Patrick and Victoria Do, along with their mom, chef Yen Do, are currently offering pick-up and delivery of dishes like vegan spring rolls, noodle bowls, bánh mi, bánh tiêu (fry bread), the super-popular Uncle Hing’s Chicken Wings, and more. 

      We’re honoured that chef Yen has shared her recipe for Papaya Salad with us. Textured and lively, It’s just the thing to add to your long weekend nosh.

      House Special's Papaya Salad


      Sweet Soya Dressing

      1 cup soy sauce
      1 2/3 cup white vinegar
      1 ½ cup sugar
      2 Tbsp chili oil
      ½ cup oil
      2 Tbsp crushed red chili


      1 green papaya, peeled
      Pickled carrots (to your liking)
      Fried onion (to your liking) 
      Roasted peanuts (to your liking)
      Thai basil (to your liking)
      Red chili, chopped (to your liking)


      Combine the ingredients for the dressing in a bowl and mix well.

      Shred the papaya into julienne strips.

      Mix the papaya with pickled carrots, chopped Thai basil, and chopped red chili.

      Add the dressing to taste and mix until well-coated.

      Top with roasted peanuts and fried onion.

      Can be served with yuba (dried tofu skin) or beef jerky for added protein.