Holiday gifts for foodies: present ideas for a variety of appetites

From kitchen essentials for the consummate cook to extravagant splurges for the over-the-top host, here are a few gift ideas for the foodie on your list

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      Pineapple daiquiri set

      Bring the tropics to your at-home bar with a daiquiri gift set. Sip on the fruity cocktail in the bamboo stem coupes. Everything is laid out for you—pineapple cane syrup, star anise bitters, dehydrated lime wheels—all you need to do is add the rum.

      $76, Cocktail Emporium (various locations,

      Champagne saucers

      If there’s a time for opulence, it’s over the holidays. These Pink Dawn champagne saucers are more of a want than a need, making them perfect for the person on your list who loves to channel their inner Gatsby. Handmade in Poland with sky high stems and a regal air, these coupes beg the champagne to keep pouring. Cocktail Emporium also has a variety of coupe glasses at different prices.

      $150, Cocktail Emporium (various locations,

      Blended For You Smoothie Combo Packs

      Subscriptions that people don’t need to think about renewing are always a safe bet. Get ready-made antioxidant and immunity-boosting smoothies for that person who’s always on the go. Whether on a monthly or weekly basis, Blended for You smoothie packs arrive at your door frozen and come in over 20 flavours.

      $70 to $75, Blended For You (

      NutriBullet 1200W blender

      NutriBullet has a cult following and for good reason. Every home cook needs a blender that can double as a food processor. With large blades and fast speeds, the NutriBullet blender makes quick work of sauces, pestos, puréed soups, sorbet, smoothies and creamy dressings. It’s a kitchen essential.

      $140, Best Buy (various locations,

      Williams Sonoma salted caramel hot chocolate

      For those with a sweet tooth, this European-style hot chocolate is divine. The buttery caramel and milk and semi sweet chocolate are enhanced by the pure sea salt. Inspired by the hot chocolate served in Parisian cafes, the luxurious recipe will have you licking your lips.

      $28.95, Williams Sonoma (various locations,

      Matty Matheson’s Home Style Cookery

      Following the New York Times bestseller Matty Matheson: A Home Cookbook, this is an ode to home cooking jam packed in typical Matheson style. Brimming over with 135 recipes from his family and friends from all different kinds of cuisines, this is his definitive guide to mastering cooking at home like a pro. Learn to make bread, a flawless T-bone, clam orecchiette or pho ga, it’s all here.

      $40, Indigo (various locations,