In the spirit of pulling together in difficult times, Irish Heather announces free meals for restaurant workers

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      If the endless hell of the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us something, it’s that there’s no shortage of people who’ve taken up the mantra “We’re all in this together”. Which, in 2022 Omicron times, has been adjusted to “We’re still in this all together.”

      It’s one thing to say that. It’s another to actually mean it.

      So props to the folks at Irish Heather for an initiative designed to do something good for a restaurant industry that’s been savaged by shutdowns and capacity reductions over the past two years.

      On Wednesdays starting next, the Vancouver institution is setting aside 24 tables at 6 p.m., and then offering a free meal and beer for those who work in the restaurant industry. Seatings are for four or six at each table, and beer can be swapped out for wine or a non-alcoholic drink.

      Seats can be booked at

      In announcing the initiative, the Irish Heather noted “We are acutely aware of the damage that COVID is doing to our industry and our colleagues. Hours have been cut, businesses gutted, sales at record lows…grats too. We are holding our own over here and thanks to a few maneuvers (new digs at 1/2 previous rent) and help from the Feds, we will definitely survive.”

      The thinking behind the free-meal program, which over the next few weeks will include everything from roast pork loin to three bean chili to chicken curry? If you’ve been paying attention over the past 24 months, you can probably guess.

      “We just want you to have a good time and hopefully lighten your load,” the Irish Heather notes, “if only for a few hours. We are all in this together and it is going to take a village/communities’ support to get through this.”