Juke celebrates National Fried Chicken Day and anniversary with half-price sandwiches

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      The Canada Day excitement will hardly have had a chance to die down before we're hit with another holiday.

      Next Wednesday (July 6) is National Fried Chicken Day. It's not an actual holiday, and it seems to be "honoured" mainly in the U.S., where it started at some indeterminate time, but it's as good an excuse to have some fried fowl as any.

      To mark the occasion (and its own sixth anniversary), Chinatown's Juke Fried Chicken (182 Keefer Street) is having a special promotion for that day: it will be selling its classic fried-chicken sandwich at half-price, $4.50.

      “National Fried Chicken day has and always will be a special annual event for Juke, as it’s intertwined with our anniversary,” Juke co-owner Justin Tisdall said in a release. “Six years ago we opened a chicken-and-rib joint largely with the goal of bringing people together. Since day one we’ve felt so much love and support from the Chinatown community."

      The bargain chicken-thigh sandwiches—served on a potato bun with house-made coleslaw and creamy barbecue sauce—will be available on July 6 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and customers are limited to 10 sandwiches.

      Also, corn on the cob is back as a side, tossed with Thai pesto mayo and topped Brown Butter Chili Crunch.

      And even though it is National Barbecued Spareribs Day on Monday (July 4), and juke seems to have overlooked this important holiday, that doesn't mean you have to ignore their trademark sticky pork ribs.