Juke Fried Chicken's Feature 420 Stash Tin has everything but the Ghost of Nancy Reagan's worst nightmare

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      Every wonder what would happen if you made an entire suit out of Salt & Vinegar Pringles chips, and then wandered into the middle of a giant 4/20 celebration sometime around 5:01 p.m.? If so, you aren’t alone. It would be like the climactic shopping mall invasion in George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, only more ravenous. And, impossibly, more entertaining.

      Juke Fried Chicken has come up with another way to prepare for the day where everyone gets to embrace their inner Willie Nelson.

      For this year’s edition of the day that celebrates all things cannabis related, the Keefer Street eatery is releasing a kit it's dubbed the Feature 4/20 Stash Tin.

      Released in collaboration with the Fraser Valley’s Pure Sunfarms cannabis company, the Feature 420 Stash tin features the Double Down Juke Sandwich. For those who don’t live at the restaurant—and you have our sympathies because you’re missing out—that’s two deep-fried and crispy chicken breasts wrapped around a slab of sriracha-honey pork belly, melted cheese, and plenty of ranch dressing.

      To maximize one’s enjoyment of the Double Down Juke Sandwich, make good use of the non-edible part of the Feature 420 Stash Tin package.

      That tin includes both Juke-branded and Pure Sunfarms rolling papers, rolling, a grinder, matchbook, and stickers. As you might have noted, something is missing there—namely the major thing everyone not named The Ghost of Nancy Reagan looks forward to hoovering at 4:20 p.m. on 4/20.

      Sorry but there’s no actual cannabis in the Feature 420 Stash Tin, which means you’re going to have to get creative.

      Might we suggest, sourcing some Green House Seeds Super Silver Haze, with the caveat that novices will want to hold onto their hats. (Remember, no matter what you’ll end up thinking, it’s highly unlikely the chicken sandwich is talking to you.)

      Those who live for the smell of a freshly opened jar will find plenty to love with 3 Saints Kush Cookies, a rain-watered and handpicked offering which packs a musky, herbaceous, and marvellously pungent olfactory punch. Expect spicy, almost peppery smoke and a heavy high that, once things level off, will make Ash vs Evil Dead twice as hysterical—and three times as horrific—as it is pre-ingestion.

      You can keep things in the Feature 420 Stash Tin family by heading to the Pure Sunfarms section of the cannibas company’s site, where the options include the awesomely named Jet Fuel Gelato, Pennywise 1:1, and Black Cherry Punch.

      Or you can....wait....we’re getting distracted and off-topic here, which is one of the main problems of treating every day like 4/20, especially with the wake-and-bake blazing starting at 11:10 a.m.

      Instead, let’s remember why we’re here, namely the Juke’s Feature 420 Stash Tin, which will retail for $24.20, and can be picked on day, and one day only at Juke Fried Chicken. That day is—you guessed it—April 20. (Go here for more information).

      Don’t forget to order an extra Double Down Juke Sandwich, not to mention fries, cornbread, more fries, and Juke’s crispy fried Brussels sprouts with lemon vinaigrette and furikake. If this 4/20 is any like the last four or five, you’re going to need all the food you can get around 5:01.