Just in time for Canada Day, the At-Home Beer Festival Kit give you the chance to prepare for a return to normalcy

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      One of the great things about the Vancouver craft beer scene is that it’s a legitimate community, which is to say that, even when the jerseys worn are different, everyone’s on the same team.

      That’s why you’ll see folks in Red Truck Beer caps hanging out at East Van Brewing, and Russell Brewing staff hoisting a Hollow Tree Lager at Stanley Brewing.

      That spirit of community is strong in what’s being dubbed the At-Home Beer Festival Kit. Spearheaded by Stanley Park, and arriving just in time for Canada Day, the package spotlights nine beer offerings from four different Vancouver breweries: Russell, East Van, Red Truck and, of course, Stanley Park.

      Intended to replicate celebrations that would normally take place in the summer (including the wildly popular Craft Beer Week Festival), the kit includes, in no particular order: 4 oz tasting cups, tent cards to mark your DIY tasting stations, beer passports, beer-tasting table mats, and coasters.

      Should all of that lead you scratching your head, that’s a red flag you’ve never been to a beer festival. If that’s the case, the At-Home Beer Festival Kit serves as a primer for when the world returns to a sense of normality. Newbies can start with the included At-Home Beer Festival how-to guide.

      In a press release, Stanley Park Brewmaster Thom Riley said, “We figured that since the beer festival season is cancelled, why not bring the fun home? Beer festivals are a great way to discover beers you may not have tried before, we’ve created an experience where you can not only explore brands and styles, but also support and celebrate local breweries.”

      Kits will run you $120 plus tax and are available on the Stanley Park Brewing website, at the brewpub at 8901 Stanley Park Drive, or for delivery.

      Because they're meant for parties of six friends, family members, or people you just met on the internet, that means an average of $20 and change per person. 

      For more information, go here.