Justin Bieber’s Timbiebs are here. But are they any good?

The limited edition Timbits made in collaboration with the pop star are now available across Canada and the U.S.

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      By Ramona Leitao

      When Tim Hortons announced it was launching Timbiebs a few weeks ago, I knew had to serve our readers by reviewing this celebrity/brand collaboration.

      I bought the 10-pack box for $3.19, or about 70 cents more than the regular 10-pack box of Timbits. Here’s what to expect when purchasing these bite-sized, Bieber-approved fried dough balls.

      Firstly, the packaging. I can’t deny the cuteness. The upside down ‘i’ in “biebs” is a nice touch. It’s also a clean look that uses the same colours as the non-Bieber Tim Hortons products

      Ramona Leitao

      Next: The unboxing. When you open the box you immediately smell the fried dough and sweetness, as expected with any Timbits box.

      Inside are three types of Timbiebs: Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, Chocolate White Fudge and Birthday Cake Waffle. Evidently Justin Bieber is a person who likes texture because all of these Timbiebs are glazed and bedecked with chocolate chips or other sugary bits. Expect a little crunch in each of them.

      From left to right: Sour Cream White Chocolate, Chocolate White Fudge and Birthday Cake Waffle.
      Ramona Leitao

      The first Timbieb I tried was the Chocolate White Fudge and let me tell you—besides the little crunch you get from the white chocolate bits, it pretty much tastes the exact same as a chocolate Timbit. Nothing sensational here. But is there such thing as a sensational Timbit? I think not. Rating: N

      Next up is the Sour Cream Chocolate Chip. This one is my favourite out of the three. I like how the sourness balances out the sweetness. It was hard to taste the chocolate in the chocolate chips but then again, I could never really taste them in other Timbits either. I do wish this Timbieb was just a bit more on the sour side, not unlike the man himself. (Also: commit to the name!) Rating: NNN

      The Birthday Cake Waffle has confetti bits inside the Timbieb.
      Ramona Leitao

      Lastly, the Birthday Cake Waffle. This one lives up to its name because it tastes equally like a birthday cake and a waffle. It also has the most distinct taste out of the three TImbiebs. I could really taste the maple syrup, which made it a lot different from the traditional birthday cake Timbits. Plus: there’s confetti inside. I get the feeling that the public will like this one the most. Sadly, I’m more of a tart dessert kind of person. Rating: NN

      Overall, would I recommend buying the 10-pack Timbiebs? I’d say yes, if you enjoy celebrity novelty products. But maybe only buy it once. There are some tiny differences, but really the main difference between Timbits and Timbiebs is the name.