Korean rice dog shop Chung Chun opens in Vancouver's West End

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      While Vancouverites have enjoyed Japadog for years, a new entry into the local food scene is bringing us a different kind of Asian hot dog.

      On November 10, Chung Chun opened its first Vancouver outlet at a counter-service spot in the West End at 1759 Robson Street, at the corner of Denman Street in the former premises of Pacific Poké.

      The chain, which launched in 2019, specialized in Korean rice dogs, which are like the Asian equivalents of corn dogs. Wieners or sausages are coated in fried rice batter with various toppings and the result is a crispy encasing with a soft and chewy interior.

      The Chungchun is the original version.
      Chung Chun

      Building upon that basic version (offered as the original), variations include versions coated with gamsung (fried potatoes) or ramen chips, or filled with mozzarella or cheddar cheese, squid ink, or sausage-tteok (rice cake). 

      Rather than served in a hot dog bun, these rice dogs, like corn dogs, are on skewers.

      The company has three locations in Toronto and will open in Montreal. It also has shops in China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, and the U.S.