Main St. gives craft-lager fans the chance to live the dream by helping those in need

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      Call it living the dream: being able to help out others by drinking.

      As denoted by its title, Main St. Brewing’s Helping Hand Lager has something more to offer than an easy drinkability.

      With COVID-19 continuing to make a return to normalcy difficult, the city’s hospitality industry remains hard hit. To help its employees get by Main St. has earmarked all Helping Hand Lager proceeds for its employees. Purchase the beer, which is being dubbed “A Social Lager for Physical Distancing”, and your money goes towards Fresh St. Market gift cards for brewery staff.

      “We are currently operating with a skeleton crew at our brewery and wanted to find a way to help our staff, especially with essentials such as groceries,” Main Street Brewing co-owner Cameron Forsyth noted in a press release. “When we thought about who to partner up with, Fresh St. Market came to mind immediately. They work with a lot of local producers and vendors, and they have locations across Metro Vancouver.”

      Helping Hand Lager can be purchased at the Main St. Brewing brewery (261 E 7th Ave) as well as at the Cascade Room, El Camino’s, The Union, and Portland Craft, which remain open for takeout.