Mark Your Calendar: Famous Miracle Pop-Up is coming to Clough Club

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      As if we needed another reason to love Clough Club. With a cozy, intimate vibe and truly great cocktails, it’s not a hard sell to pull up a seat at this Gastown bar (if, you know, you can find an empty one).

      But this beloved spot is turning things up a notch (well, several notches) for the festive season with the launch of the famed Miracle Pop-Up on November 23.

      First launched in New York in 2014, Miracle is the brainchild of cocktail connoisseur Greg Boehm, who turned his then under-construction bar into a temporary winter wonderland. These days, Miracle has pop-up locations around the world—everywhere from the Cayman Islands to Ecuador to Korea.

      The Carol Barrel.
      Photo by Melissa Hom.

      There are many locations popping up in Canada this year, but the only Vancouver location is at Clough Club. Aptly dubbed Miracle in Gastown, the event will see Clough Club transformed into a photo-worthy holiday paradise for the senses. Featured cocktails include the Christmapolitan (the Cosmo, but with a winter twist); the Snowball Old Fashioned (rumour has it gingerbread is involved); and something called Rudolph’s Replacement that is served in a mug shaped like a T-rex wearing a Santa hat. Yes please.

      There will also be a special retro food menu, including mac and cheese, hot dogs, and cheese balls with Ritz Crackers. If all that salt leaves you wanting something sweet, there will also be Gingerbread Dunkaroos—genius.

      Rudolph’s Replacement.
      Photo by Melissa Hom.

      Miracle in Gastown

      When: November 23 to December 31

      Where: Clough Club

      Admission: Book your table here; early seatings will be by ticket-only with 90-minute bookings available with food, drink, and optional glassware purchase; late evenings, Clough Club will be open for drop-ins with cocktails and food available a la carte