Molson gives hockey fans, and long-suffering Canucks followers, the chance to drink a beer that's been in the Cup

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      As dreams go, it’s a big one for millions of Canadians, especially those who think nothing of getting up at 5 a.m. three days a week for hockey practice. What gets us up when the alarm goes off in the middle of the night? That would be the conviction that, should everything unfold in a perfect-world way, there’ll be the chance to drink from the Stanley Cup.

      Unfortunately, unless one happens to be neighbours with Steven Stamkos or Alexander Ovechkin, that’s not likely to happen for most of us. Or, for that matter, anyone who ever pulls a Vancouver Canucks or Buffalo Sabres jersey over their heads.

      Thanks to a new Molson initiative, you can at least play one-degree-of-separation in your Stanley Cup Quest.

      In celebration of the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs—where the Montreal Canadians are waging war with the Tampa Bay Lightning—Molson has rolled out a limited edition beer aimed squarely at puck fans.

      The Molson Canadian Stanley Cup Batch is made up of bottles that have been “kissed by the cup”.

      The brewery explains things as follows:

      “Accompanied by Phil Pritchard, the Hockey Hall of Fame’s curator and official keeper of the Cup, Molson Canadian welcomed the Stanley Cup in the Molson Brewery. Following strict sanitization protocols, some fresh Molson Canadian from this limited batch was passed through the top bowl of the Cup during the brewing process so that this Playoff season, Canadians can have the chance to celebrate like their hockey heroes—getting their own small taste from Lord Stanley’s Cup.

      Bottles come in a box made to look like the Stanley Cup Case. Open that box, and the first thing you see is a pair of white gloves cotton gloves. (If you have to ask what the gloves have to do with anything, go back to watching soccer. Or badminton.)

      The label on the bottle, meanwhile, is rendered in Stanley Cup silver so you don’t confuse it with the rest of the Molson Canadian in your fridge.

      Now’s your chance to, in a roundabout way, to drink a beer that’s been in the greatest trophy in professional sports. Someone let the Vancouver Canucks current roster of players know, because as long as they play for this perpetually doomed franchise, this is probably as close as they’re ever going to get.