Odd Society beats America at its own game with the flat-out gorgeous Powell Bourbon-Style Whisky

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      Sometimes you’ve got to jump fast if you want to avoid being disappointed.

      Remember that pre-COVID-19-apocalypse time you waffled on buying tickets to see Paul McCartney at BC Place, only to have things sell out in 17.2 seconds? So you ended up singing “Hey Jude” outside to the Terry Fox statue instead of having the time of your fool life in Row 2, where you had tickets on hold for a 15-minute window but couldn't pull the trigger.

      The importance of being quick on the draw is particularly important today if you’re a fan of Odd Society Spirits.

      The East Van distillery has just taken its first kick at the whiskey style that made legends out of Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel and Johannes “Jacob” Beam.

      For reasons that those who know their liquor history will get, Odd Society has dubbed its new release Powell Bourbon-Style Whisky. The reason for the word “Style”?

      That would have everything to do with the fact that, if a bourbon whisky isn’t made in America, you can’t call it bourbon. (While we’re talking technicalities, not only does it have to be produced in America, it needs to be made from at least 51 percent corn and matured in charred oak.)

      Powell Bourbon-Style Whisky ticks some of those boxes. The mash is 75 percent corn, 20 percent rye, and five percent malted barley.

      As part of a collabo with the nearby Powell Brewery, the mash was soured overnight at the brewery, and then aged for three years in virgin American white oak back at Odd Society.

      And what did we end up with?

      Here’s the thing—you’re not going to Kentucky, Lynchburg, or anywhere else in America, anytime soon.

      And that’s okay because Odd Society has, if not almost beaten America at its own game with Powell Bourbon-Style Whisky, at least added something truly outstanding to the conversation.

      Think burnt honey and rich caramel with a gorgeously smooth espresso-like finish. A whisky that gets you thinking no one’s going to judge you for having a second and maybe third splash before, during, and after dinner. Yes, it’s that outrageously good, to where you'll start worrying about it being gone the second you pop the cork. 

      And why is the thought of an empty Powell Bourbon-Style Whisky bottle so horrifying? Remember how we talked about the importance of acting fast?

      Powell Bourbon-Style Whisky is the fourth in a series of Odd Society brewery-collaboration whiskies. The first three editions sold out almost overnight. This one has a limit of two bottles person ($40 each including tax) available at the distillery as of today. After that you can try your luck online or at private liquor stores.

      But if you choose the latter, don’t forget that time you cheaped out on Paul McCartney tickets, thinking “Oh, he’ll be back in 2020. Or 2021. And I'll get to sing 'Hey Jude' then. Not to mention 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da'".