Owner of Afrocentric plant-based food company urges ongoing support of Black-owned local businesses

Kula Foods among them, here are more than 40 Black-owned food-based ventures to seek out in Greater Vancouver

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      As Black Lives Matters protests continue and the movement in support of Black communities grows locally and around the world, the founder of  Vancouver’s Kula Foods is reminding non-people of colour to support the Black community long after public gatherings subside.

      “Please don’t make this time a trend that is forgotten tomorrow,” Asha Wheeldon said via Instagram, taking #blackouttuesday as an opportunity to showcase Black-owned businesses and organizations.

      Kula Foods specializes in Afrocentric plant-based cuisine, Wheeldon drawing from her Kenyan roots to create dishes such as Sukuma stew and East African stew. Kula means “eat” in Swahili.

      “Historically black voices have been silenced, racism has been amplified by silence, anti-blackness has been loud through silence,” Wheeldon said. “We have felt it, we have experienced it and live through it.

      “We encourage our non black supporters to do your research, think about anti-blackness,” she said. “What do you know about it? How have you contributed? What can you do?”

      Through Kula Foods, Wheeldon vows to continue to "share what the Black community has been doing to create products, space, services, and resources that welcomes and celebrates our identity".

      AfroBiz.ca is Canada’s largest directory of Black-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurs. For B.C., it has listings for Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, and Victoria, with new entries being added all the time.

      Among the Black-owned food-based businesses in Greater Vancouver are:

      Kula Kitchen


      Jamaican Pizza Jerk


      Rehana’s Roti Shop

      D Roti Shak

      The Lion’s Den Café

      Raphael’s Gourmet Food

      Juke Fried Chicken

      Di Reggae Cafe

      Alebi African Cuisine

      Calabash Bistro

      PG’s Jamaican Restaurant

      Café d’Afrique

      Axum Ethiopian

      Gojo Little African Café

      Addis Café Restaurant

      Harambe Ethiopian

      Stanley Market

      Princess Cuisine


      Salt + Sear Catering

      Riddim & Spice

      Taps & Tacos

      I&I Jamaican Restaurant

      Kiss Yo Mama

      Elbo Jamaican Patties

      Berhan Teff


      Lagos Chop

      Juicekadi Juice Co.

      Please let us know if we missed any Black-owned food-based businesses. Follow Gail Johnson on Instagram @gailjohnsonvancouver and Twitter @GailJohnsonVan.