Passover 2020: How to make Mensch Jewish Delicatessen owner Nitzan Cohen's Matzo ball soup

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      Passover 2020 begins at sundown today (April 8) and ends on the evening of April 16.
      The festival of freedom commemorates the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and their transition from slavery to freedom. 
      Some of the foods served during the seder ritual include gefilte fish (poached fish dumplings), potato kugel, and brisket or roast chicken. Then there are Matzo balls.
      "This has always been one of my favorite things on Passover since I was a kid," Mensch Jewish Delicatessen owner Nitzan Cohen tells the Straight.
      Here, he shares his recipe. Note that amid the COVID-19 crisis, the deli is offering pop-up pick-ups. (For details, follow its Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and details.)
      Happy Passover. And happy cooking!

      Mensch Jewish Delicatessen's Matzo Balls

      Makes about 14 to 16 balls.


      1 cup Matzo meal
      4 eggs, beaten
      1/4 cup vegetable oil
      1 Tbsp salt (kosher :) )
      1 tsp ground coriander
      1 tsp ground ginger 
      1/4 cup sparkling water
      5 4L-containers of vegetable broth (or water)


      In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients (but the veg broth) together.
      Cover the bowl and refrigerate for one hour.
      In a large pot, bring the veg broth (or water) to boil and add salt to taste. Keep it on low to medium heat to simmer.
      With wet hands, scoop and roll the Matzo ball batter into 1-inch balls.
      Drop the balls into the simmer pot and cook until the balls are puffed and ready, about 30 to 40 minutes. 
      Remove the balls from the pot using a slotted spoon and serve or let cool at room temp before storing in the fridge.
      To serve after refrigerated, add them to chicken or veg broth while it gets heated.
      "These taste wonderful in a chicken or veg broth with carrots and parsley," Cohen says.