Resurrection Spirits is all about the art of cocktail development

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      Step inside the world of Resurrection’s cocktail lounge, where a fusion of creativity and precision culminates in unforgettable cocktails. The approach is straightforward and dynamic, zeroing in on the core of mixology.

      At Resurrection, boundaries are set with purpose. By embracing a six cocktail format ideology, this crafts a framework that channels their creative energy. This disciplined approach allows them to dive deep into the flavours with focus and direction.

      Embracing a ‘flavour first’ mentality, the mixologists experiments with a myriad of ingredient combinations, pursuing the perfect balance. It’s an adventurous journey of trial, error, and discoveries.

      Viewing the culinary world as an art form rich in flavours and techniques, the bar team incorporates these elements to elevate their cocktails, adding unique twists that surprise and satisfy.

      Resurrection seeks inspiration from experiences that touch the heart, infusing their drinks with nostalgia and memories the bartenders carry. This approach transforms their cocktails from mere beverages to cocktails with story and feeling.

      Once the bartenders decide on flavours, the key is selecting the right cocktail format, a critical step in their process. Be it shaken or stirred, the choice is always about enhancing the flavour delivery, ensuring every sip is as enjoyable as possible.

      Each cocktail concept is polished until it becomes a complete and captivating drink. The ultimate measure of success? A cocktail that guests are eager to reorder.

      Engaged in constant research and development, the mixologists are always exploring new flavours and techniques, fuelling an ever-evolving cocktail lineup.


      Resurrection merges a methodical approach with creative exploration to craft not just cocktails but lasting cocktail experiences. Visit Resurrection Spirits and experience the creations their team has passionately developed for you to enjoy.

      Open Thursday to Sunday, visit for reservations and menu.

      Resurrection Spirits Cocktail Lounge

      Address: 1672 Franklin Street, Vancouver

      Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 4pm

      Instagram: @ResurrectionSpirits