SkipTheDishes fans go most often for garlic naan and butter chicken across Canada

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      SkipTheDishes has delivered some startling statistics from its database of orders over the past year.

      The most frequent user in Canada submitted more than 1,475 orders. That works out to more than four orders a day.

      In Vancouver, the most frequent user had crossed the 1,000 threshold by early December.

      As for the most expensive order of the year in B.C., it reached a whopping $999.99.

      The company’s most-ordered items in B.C. were miso soup, garlic naan, and California rolls. But in Vancouver, chicken sandwiches, French fries, and cheeseburgers were exceptionally popular, which might explain why there were so many delivery people inside local McDonald's restaurants.

      Across the country, SkipTheDishes said that the most frequently ordered items were garlic naan, butter chicken, and miso soup.  And if this doesn’t meet your definition of too much information, SkipTheDishes customers across Canada ordered more than 17 million pieces of sushi, 17.1 million chicken wings, 1.9 million tacos, and 8.3 million pizzas in 2021, according to the company.