Superflux announces permanent patio area

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      Getting a coveted patio spot in Yeast Van has just become a little bit easier, with Superflux announcing a 67-seat permanent outdoor area.

      Before we go any further, sorry for using the term “Yeast Van”, which admittedly kind of makes us cringe for the same reason as calling Nanaimo “The East Village”. Still, sometimes it’s hard to be specific with areas, especially when denizens of both the Drive and Strathcona both tend to call Superflux their own.

      Outdoor patio seats aren’t totally a new thing at the Clark Drive brewery, which is as noted for both its traditional lagers and IPAs as it is outside-the-box offerings like the orange-cream Fountainbier and the Indulgeousness (a Nanaimo Bar-inspired stout with strong notes of coconut and Tahitian vanilla). If you've been there on a sunny day you know that outdoor picnic tables are already a thing, even if they are often full. 

      The news here is the 780-square feet space has now been designated as permanent by the City of Vancouver.

      During the pandemic the provincial TESA (Temporary Expanded Service Area) program allowed breweries and restaurants to use new areas or their businesses for seating and serving. Sometimes those areas were just designated as temporary.

      The permanent designation by the city means at Superflux means the brewery has not only a guaranteed covered place to host guests moving forward, but can invest in such features as patio heaters and lighting features. 

      “We’re so excited to finally offer a permanent patio for guests to park themselves all summer long and enjoy cold beers with us,” Superflux cofounder and president Adam Henderson said in announcing the rollout. “When we first got our hands on this building, we didn’t even think about having a patio because the bylaws didn’t allow it but during COVID temporary and permanent patios got another chance.”  

      Superflux is located at 505 Clark Drive.