Sustainable holiday recipes: This zero-waste carrot tartare is vegetarian, nutritious, and delicious

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      While meat may come to mind for most people when they hear the word tartare, here’s a recipe for a vegetarian version.

      This one comes from Fairmont Banff Springs executive chef Robert Ash, who previously provided a clever sustainability-minded recipe for making crackers out of fruit pulp leftover from juicing.

      The bonus with the recipe below is that it’s not only plant-based and nutrition-conscious but it also uses all parts of the main ingredient to reduce food waste.

      “This recipe utilizes all components of the carrot, providing a zero-waste dish that is not only sustainable, but is also healthy and delicious,” Ash says.

      Carrot tartare

      1 kilograms carrots

      50 grams sugar

      50 grams apple cider vinegar

      50 to 100 millilitres grapeseed oil, plus more for frying

      1 egg

      25 grams capers

      40 grams shallot, finely minced

      35 grams grainy mustard

      25 grams dill, chopped

      ½ lemon, juiced and zested

      25 grams corn starch

      1. Peel the carrots using a thick peeler and save the peels. Use a mandolin to thinly slice one carrot for pickling. Juice the remaining carrots, reserving the pulp. Simmer the juice in a saucepan over medium heat until reduced to a syrup; set aside.

      2. Combine the sugar and vinegar in a small saucepan over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat, add carrot slices, and let cool to room temperature.

      3. Heat one tablespoon of grapeseed oil in a frying pan; fry the egg until the whites are crispy. Transfer to a blender cup. Return pan to heat and fry capers; add to the blender cup. Add half the shallots, half the mustard, half the dill, and half the lemon juice and zest. Blend while slowly drizzling in grapeseed oil until the mixture is thick and emulsified (you may not need all the oil).

      4. Heat two tablespoons of grapeseed oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat. Toss carrot peels in corn starch and fry them until crisp. Transfer peels to a paper towel-lined plate.

      5. Combine juice pulp, remaining shallot, mustard, lemon juice, and zest; mix well. Add just enough aioli mixture to make it bind.

      6. Place a little carrot syrup in the centre of the serving plate. Scoop the tartare with two spoons, forming it into an egg-like shape; place it on the syrup. Scatter the crispy carrot peels and carrot pickles around the plate. Garnish with dill.

      Fairmont Banff Springs executive chef Robert Ash
      Fairmont Hotels and Resorts