Sustainable holiday recipes: Crispy turkey ball with bread-based pasta, made from leftovers

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      Here’s yet another suggestion for how to make use of holiday meal leftovers to create a new and very different meal.

      As part of a series of sustainable recipes from Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Fairmont Quasar executive chef Soner Kesgin in Istanbul, Turkey, offers this recipe that helps to reduce food waste by incorporating leftover pretzels or bread, bread crumbs, and turkey.

      “The wonderful thing about leftovers is that they can easily be transformed into another delicious meal by using ingredients that you usually keep in your kitchen cupboard,” Kesgin says. “Something as simple as adding a little flour, egg, and breadcrumbs to your turkey can create a crispy turkey ball that creates the perfect focus for an entirely different meal.”

      Crispy turkey ball with bread-based pasta and mushroom sauce


      Bread-based pasta

      250 grams leftover pretzel and bread

      50 grams parmesan

      20 grams flour

      1 egg

      lemon zest (¼ of a lemon)

      ½g nutmeg

      Fried turkey ball

      200 grams leftover pulled turkey

      40 grams leftover bread crumb

      15 grams flour

      1 egg

      5 grams thyme

      5 grams salt

      2 grams black pepper

      Mushroom sauce

      200g turkey jus (stock)

      70g sliced mushroom, sautéed

      Salt and pepper for seasoning

      Parisienne carrot

      To taste fresh thyme

      1. Mix all of the pasta ingredients together to make a dough and leave to rest.

      2. Roll out the pasta and cut into long julienne pieces ready to cook. When ready, boil in salted water for about five to seven minutes.

      3. For the turkey ball, mix the pulled turkey meat with half of the breadcrumbs, flour and egg to make ball shape dumpling and pané with the other half of the breadcrumbs, flour, and egg. Chill in fridge for 10 to 15 minutes before deep-frying.

      4. For the sauce, heat the pan and sauté the mushrooms before adding the turkey jus and cooking for a few minutes. Add the pasta, thyme, and boiled carrots to the pan before seasoning with salt and pepper.

      5. As all ingredients are precooked, once the turkey ball is golden in colour and crispy, it can be served. Ensure food is piping hot throughout.

      6. To serve, place the pasta and sauce on the plate and top with the turkey ball.

      Fairmont Quasar executive chef Soner Kesgin in Istanbul, Turkey
      Fairmont Hotels and Resorts