That Charlie Smith really knows his samosas!

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      I'm feeling mighty satiated right about now, and I owe it all to my boss, Georgia Straight editor Charlie Smith.

      Three days ago he posted a little "Cheap Eats" food blog about the Samosa House in Surrey that caught my eye. 

      He said they were very tasty and very affordable, which jibed well with the fact that the place is about 10 minutes from my home near the Surrey/Delta border. ("Buying a house in North Delta means never having to say you're Surrey," joked our realtor once.)

      So tonight I whipped out there and laid down $30 for 20 of the delectable morsels: 10 of the "classic" (potatoes, onions, and peas), six of the butter chicken, and four of the barbecue chicken.

      Three of us chowed down and there's still leftovers for lunch.

      The "classic" and butter chicken were delish; the barbecue we weren't so crazy about. (Next time I'll skip the BBQ and try the sahi--fillings of Indian paneer, green peppers, red peppers, and corn--instead.)

      It all comes with generous amounts of tamarind chutney for dipping.

      The Old Style Pilsner is your own responsibility.