These ain't your grandma's Brussels sprouts: here's how to make Nightingale's roasted veg

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      Brussels sprouts weren't always the hip, tantalizing appetizer they are today. With pickled red grapes, this recipe from Vancouver's Nightingale restaurant takes the humble vegetable to a whole new stratosphere. 
      Add it to your happy-hour menu and be guaranteed a hit.  

      Nightingale's Roasted Brussels Sprouts

      3/4 cups Brussel sprouts, halved
      1 Tbsp red grapes
      1 Tbsp canola oil
      1/2 Tbsp parsley leaves, whole
      1/4 cup pecans, roasted and roughly blitzed
      1/4 cup sherry vinegar

      Pickled red grapes

      50 mL white wine vinegar
      230 mL water
      2/3 cup sugar
      1/4 tsp bay leaves
      2 1/2  tsp black peppercorns, toasted
      1 1/4  tsp coriander seeds
      2 tsp salt


      Pickled red grapes

      Place all ingredients into a pot and bring it up to a boil.

      Transfer pickling liquid into a heat-proof container and chill on ice immediately.

      Once cool, strain spices and aromatics.

      Cover grapes with cooled pickling liquid for minimum 12 hours before using.

      Brussels sprouts 
      Preheat the oven to 450°F.
      Heat a pan and place Brussels sprouts face down and season with salt. Then add a thin layer of oil. This will prevent oil splatter from sprouts.
      Once you see light golden brown, place in oven.
      Cook until the stem is tender. You are trying to achieve a dark golden-brown colour.
      Wilt parsley, strain excess oil, and transfer to a stainless steel bowl.
      Add sherry vinegar and grapes to the bowl, toss to combine.
      Place on an oval plate and garnish with pecans.