Three reasons why meal kit service Fresh Prep is taking over Vancouver, one kitchen at a time

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      Deciding what to cook for dinner every night is an uphill struggle for many, let alone finding the time to grab groceries and prepare the meals. After a long day at the office, the last thing anybody wants to do is julienne a batch of carrots or tear up over an onion.

      Between juggling work and play, whipping up a package of store-bought tortellini topped with a jar of tomato sauce is really all you have time for. Plus, not everyone has the chef skills required to make an elaborate and nutritious meal.

      Vancouver-based meal kit service is a great place to start for those who are short on time or confidence in the kitchen. The local company was voted “Best Meal Kit Service” by readers of the Georgia Straight in this year’s Golden Plates awards.

      To show its gratitude, Fresh Prep is offering readers three free meals with the code: SCSTRAIGHT21.

      “The customer experience with Fresh Prep is far and away the best meal kit experience in Canada,” says Fresh Prep cofounder and chief operating officer Husein Rahemtulla. “We offer premium-quality ingredients because we actually spend more on ingredients than our competitors. Our customers often tell us that our food is fresher and better quality than any other meal kit service that they’ve tried.”

      Eating dinner is the highlight of the day for many so don’t waste it on tasteless takeout or frozen meals. If you’re looking to spice up your current cooking routine, here are three reasons why you should sign up for Fresh Prep.

      It’s convenient

      Each week, Fresh Prep customers can select from 10 delectable and diverse choices. Half of the recipes are always vegetarian or vegan and there are also gluten-aware and dairy-aware options.  Home cooks also have the option to purchase Add-On items like prepared meals, salads, juices, smoothies, plant-based meats, pastas, desserts, pantry staples, and much more.

      Meal kit ingredients are pre-cut and pre-portioned, eliminating many steps of the cooking process. This is truly a miracle for those who loathe chopping onions, reducing the time spent and the stress of preparing dinner.

      On their selected delivery date, an insulated cooler bag filled with reusable ice packs, recipe cards, and ingredients is brought right to the customer’s doorstep.

      It’s sustainable

      Fresh Prep has recently introduced its Zero Waste Kits, a reusable container that reduces meal packaging materials, including single use plastic. When a meal doesn’t come in a Zero Waste Kit, it’s packaged in a compostable paper bag with ingredients in soft plastic. To further its sustainability initiatives, Fresh Prep has developed a recycling program for the soft plastics that are rinsed and returned.

      Through its partnership with OnFleet, Fresh Prep’s fleet is now carbon neutral as a result of offsetting the emissions of its deliveries.

      When it comes to ingredients, the company only uses Oceanwise seafood and sources local whenever possible, further reducing its carbon footprint.

      The meals are delicious

      With Fresh Prep, you can swap your bowl of instant noodles for Mushroom & Ricotta White Pizza, an Alabama Style Chicken Sandwich, or Sesame-Crusted Seared Tuna. Dishes are often inspired by international cuisines to bring some much-needed excitement to your current cooking routine. 

      To find out why has been voted the “#1 Meal Kit Delivery Service” in Vancouver, sign up with the Straight’s exclusive code: SCSTRAIGHT21 and receive three free meals on your first order.