Toast to spring with Segura Viudas Cava

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      The spring is bursting with opportunities to gather with your friends and loved ones—flowers are blooming, warmer weather is around the corner, and of course, there’s Easter. The chocolate-filled holiday simply cannot be celebrated without a cheesy potato casserole and sparkling beverage that’ll have guests raving.

      If you’re hosting this year’s Easter brunch or dinner, you’ll want to have a few bottles of chilled Cava on standby. The effervescent Cava is produced in Spain and is available in two variations: Brut Reserva and Brut Rosé.

      While the country has been making wine for more than two thousand years, Cava has been its signature fizz for the past 150 years.

      Deep-rooted history

      Segura Viudas is one of the most renowned Cava houses in Spain and its estate, La Heredad in Sant Sadurni, dates back to the 11th century.

      The Segura Viudas estate was once an inhabited watchtower and was converted into a Masia, a country house in Catalonia, during the 13th century. By the end of the 19th century, there were several Indigenous grape varieties flourishing in the vineyards that surrounded the estate. These grapes were noted for their winemaking potential, starting a new chapter.

      “I am proud to make wine with such heritage," shares Miquel Salarich, a winemaker at Segura Viudas. “I feel a lot of respect for the land around the estate, where the grapes are grown.”

      Segura Viudas

      The incomparable taste

      When sipping on Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, you’ll experience flavours of citrus with good acidity and notes of lime and pineapple. It has a long and dry finish on the palate. It also encompasses delicate scents of white fruits, tropical fruits, and light floral notes. Each glass of the sparkling wine will whisk you away to a traditional Cava bar in Barcelona, surrounded by the smell of freshly made tapas. 

      “Even when we’re in the middle of fermenting vintage grapes or when we are sitting at the blending table, we’re always thinking about creating fine, elegant, and drinkable wines,” says Salarich. “That’s the profile that we strive to give to our wines.”

      One should expect a different flavour profile with the Brut Rosé. The light-pink Cava brings intense fruitiness to the nose and palate with hints of strawberry and red currant. It’s medium-bodied, crisp, and has lingering floral notes. Because of its fresh taste and lively colour, the Brut Rosé is perfect for serving at Easter brunch.

      Commitment to sustainability

      What sets Segura Viudas apart from other sparkling wines is its dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water waste—you can feel good about sipping on a glass of the chilled Cava.

      Because protecting the environment is paramount to the organic wine producer, it was awarded the Wineries for Climate Protection (WFCP) certificate. This is a specific certification for the wine sector in the field of environmental sustainability, which recognizes winemakers who have implemented ecofriendly methods and solutions. 

      The WFCP certification allows Segura Viudas to demonstrate their sincere commitment to environmental sustainability in a measurable way.

      The indigenous grape variety used by the wine producer promotes a more sustainable agricultural process. These grapes are able to withstand climate change better than international varieties. Segura Viudas understands that by using the grapes that are naturally grown in the region, everything benefits—the soil and terroir, along with the flora and fauna native to the area.

      When it comes to production methods, the winemakers at Segura Viudas are incredibly knowledgeable, skillful, and connected to the land.

      “Since its origins, Segura Viudas has pioneered the use of innovative winemaking practices over the decades,” says Salarich. “It was the first winery in Spain to use pneumatic presses and to mechanize the processing of the grape harvest in boxes. That spirit lives on today.”

      Segura Viudas

      Food pairings

      The key to pairing any Cava with a meal is to not overthink it—the sparkling wine should balance the food, with neither overwhelming the other.

      Segura Viudas’ Brut Reserva can be paired with salads, grilled seafood, glazed ham, triple cream cheese, sushi, vegetable dishes, salami, and stuffed mushrooms. If you have a sweet tooth, it can be a superb accompaniment to shortbread cookies and fruit-based tarts, cakes, or pies.

      “Cava is known to be a very versatile product when pairing with food,” Salarich notes.

      If you’re seeking dishes that will flawlessly pair with the Brut Rosé, consider rich and fatty dishes, similar to those you’ll be serving at Easter brunch or dinner. This includes scalloped and mashed potatoes, honey-glazed carrots, fluffy dinner rolls, a light seafood pasta dish, or even as a celebratory afternoon sip all on its own. , It most definitely pairs well with a bunny-shaped chocolate.

      Segura Viudas Brut Reserva and Brut Rosé can be found at select B.C. Liquor Store locations and wine stores.