Two years after relaunch as Mary’s on Davie, iconic Vancouver West End diner for sale for $349,000

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      A celebrated diner in Vancouver’s LGBT-friendly West End may change hands again.

      Less than two years after its relaunch as Mary’s on Davie, the establishment has been listed for sale.

      The price tag for the restaurant business is $349,000.

      Formerly Hamburger Mary's Diner, the place has been a fixture in the West End since 1979.

      The Georgia Straight’s Craig Takeuchi wrote about the rebranded diner following its reopening on July 26, 2018.

      “Now in its 39th year, this is one storied Mary. It's one of the last late-night holdovers from the era of Doll and Penny's and Fresgo Inn. According to former Georgia Straight LGBT columnist Kevin Dale McKeown, the original version briefly opened at 1168 Denman Street before relocating to Davie Street," Takeuchi wrote.

      "The restaurant underwent a controversial period when Phil Moon took ownership in late 2014, closing the restaurant in 2015 for $1 million in renovations. However, when it reopened in May 2016, the severe black-and-white décor, that one might describe as Cactus Club goes S&M, failed to click with the village people. In addition to staffing issues and a lawsuit from former employees, the eatery eventually threw in the towel,” Takeuchi related.

      Later, Astrid O. Lalonde and partner Michel Duprat, who co-own the Davie Village's Fountainhead Pub, and a number of their friends took over.

      According to the sale listing by the Restaurant Business Broker agency of realtor Jean Seguin, the restaurant has 1,808 square feet.

      Mary’s on Davie is at the corner of Davie and Bute streets, next to Jim Deva Plaza.