Vancouver South Indian restaurant Chutney Villa listed for sale at $120,000

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      A new beginning awaits one of the Vancouver’s better known ethnic restaurants.

      Chutney Villa is on the market for $120,000.

      The establishment is essentially an immigrant’s story.

      Chindi Varadarajulu opened the 147 East Broadway restaurant in 2003.

      The Singapore-born chef and restaurateur moved to Vancouver during the 1990s.

      The Georgia Straight has chronicled the story of Chutney Villa through the years.

      A few months after its opening, food writer Angela Murrills sampled the South Indian offerings at the place.

      “In the south, cooks not only use a wider variety of spices in each dish but go for tangier flavours--tamarind is a common ingredient--and lighter fare, unlike the ghee-rich dishes of the north,” Murrills wrote in the spring of 2004.

      Chutney Villa changed hands in 2011, when Muraleeswary Mariyadas took over.

      Mariyadas came to Vancouver as a refugee from Sri Lanka in 1999.

      She started at the now-closed Palm Leaf Restaurant, and worked there for three years, before becoming a cook at Chutney Villa in 2004, writer Tara Lee related in a 2014 piece for the Straight.

      “Since then, Mariyadas has taken the original South Indian menu and added more vegetarian dishes and Sri Lankan specialties like kothu rotti, in which ingredients like mutton or chicken are chopped and mixed on the grill with iron spatulas,” Lee wrote.

      Lee also recalled that Mariyadas couldn’t speak any English when she arrived.

      Mariyadas related to the Straight contributor that she learned a lot from working as a cook and running her own business.

      “I’m so happy. I want to give thanks to Canadians,” Mariyadas said.

      Muraleeswary Mariyadas added a lunch buffet in 2018.
      Charlie Smith

      Straight editor Charlie Smith has written about Chutney Villa.

      When Mariyadas became the new owner in 2011, Smith visited the place and was pleasantly surprised by the redesign of the establishment.

      In 2018, Smith reported that Chutney Villa has added lunch buffet to its offerings.

      “It includes fish and vegetable appetizers, three vegetable curries, fish and chicken curry, roti, and dessert,” the Straight editor wrote.

      Chutney Villa is located near the northwest corner of East Broadway and Main Street, a busy intersection.

      The listing by the Restaurant Business Broker agency stated that the business includes a liquor license.