Nominate your favourite restaurant in our 27th annual Golden Plates awards

Straight readers decide the best restaurants across Metro Vancouver

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      It’s the most delicious time of year, Vancouver. The Georgia Straight is excited to announce the launch of our 27th annual Golden Plates Awards, where our community spotlights the extraordinary tapestry of tastes that make up Vancouver’s food scene.

      As readers, it’s your chance to decide and showcase the best of the best, and make everyone across Metro Vancouver know it.

      Vancouver’s food scene is a vibrant mosaic, reflecting the diverse cultures and innovative spirits that thrive in our city. The Golden Plates are not just about recognizing excellence: they’re a celebration of the stories, traditions, and connections our local purveyors bring to our tables. 

      Nominate your favourites: the power is in your palate

      Starting today, nominations are open for the Golden Plates. This is your opportunity to elevate your favourite restaurants, breweries, bakeries, food trucks, and more.

      New this year, we have five groupings with categories in each:

      1. Best of the Bunch: The best bakery, brewery, coffee shop, patio, and more
      2. Best Restaurant by City: The best restaurants across Metro Vancouver
      3. Best Restaurant by Cuisine: From African to Vietnamese and everything in between
      4. Best Restaurant by Neighbourhood: A closer look at Vancouver
      5. Best Speciality Items: The best dishes and items

      To nominate, head to our 2024 Golden Plates site.

      Awards timeline

      • Nominations are open from February 28 to March 10
      • Voting will be from March 18 to 31
      • Winners will be announced on May 2, both online and in our May print edition

      The Golden Plates are more than just awards. They’re a reflection of our city’s passion for food, a testament to the culinary artists who enrich our lives, and a celebration of the community that supports them. 

      So join us again this year as we embark on this flavourful journey. Nominate, vote, and celebrate the culinary heartbeat of Vancouver.

      Welcome to the 27th annual Golden Plates Awards, where your palate has the power to crown the best of Vancouver’s vibrant food scene.

      Enter your nominations now!