Vancouver greasy spoon Slickity Jim’s offers Fairview location for sale at $89,000

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      Slickity Jim’s, a popular Vancouver casual eatery, is looking for a buyer to take over one of its two diners.

      The Fairview business of Slickity Jim’s Chat & Choux has been listed on the market for $89,000.

      The diner’s principal location called Slickity Chat 'N' Chew is on Main Street.

      The Slickity Jim’s at 1387 West 7th Avenue on sale features a 500-square-foot dining area.

      According to the listing by Restaurant Business Broker, rent comes to $3,250 per month, plus tax.

      The lease is good for the next one-and-a-half years.

      “Bring your new concept to this location. Could be perfect for any small diner/breakfast restaurant, or grab & go, sushi, Vietnamese, Mexican, poke...,” the listing states.

      Slickity Jim’s is associated with enterpreneur and chef Mike Zalman.

      Zalman opened the first Slickity Jim’s on Powell Street in 1997.

      Zalman moved to a new location on Main Street and Broadway in 1999.

      A fire destroyed the location, and a new Slickity Jim’s opened at its current 3475 Main Street diner in 2011.

      The Slickity Jim’s location in Fairview, now on sale, opened a few years later.